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       When the children of the world cover all the holes in the "Jar of Many Holes," there will be unity in the world

Mission of the World Wide Holistic Health Outreach, Inc.:

The World Wide Holistic Health Outreach was founded by Dr. Freida Pemberton, RN, BC January 1, 2010. This public charity organization serves a humanitarian cause. The organization brings much needed healthcare services to societies without access and an average life-span of age 50 or less. Today the organization has incorporated telehealth to follow-up on clients with identified physical and holistic health assessment problems (i.e., physical, spiritual, dietary, environmental, social, and mental) during the initial visit to international and national regions.  As background,  this mission began August 2001 with Dr. Pemberton, RN, BC and a team of student nurses who were mostly registered nurses pursuing a BS Degree. The program grew continually in the subsequent years, 2003 and 2005. In 2003 and 2005 the volunteer representation extended across disciplines inclusive of nursing, education, social work, respiratory therapy, and dietary. In 2010,  holistic care addressing the physical, mental, educational, environmental, social, nutritional and spiritual needs were provided for the population residing at the SE Village where 25,000-30,000 people reside and at the Christian Sister’s Home, an orphanage for approximately 50 young ladies.

We have demonstrated that this program will eliminate the severity of health problems both nationally and internationally, expanding the lifespan of those living in indigenous communities, living in despair without basic human needs being met through early diagnosis and intervention. Access to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs that we provide can significantly decrease the high death rates that currently exist in West Africa and national communities. In addition, the program is designed to engage young people in volunteerism through mentorship. The experiences encountered will evolve into a lifelong passion for helping others who are in need of humanitarian services. As volunteers, the participants will shape the future of society through building global receptiveness that continues to recognize, "We are our brothers' keeper."







As a Professor of nursing and missionary, Dr. Pemberton believes it is important for healthcare providers and society to become active participants in assisting communities to receive quality health care that will minimize the severity of chronic health problems both nationally and internationally. As healthcare providers who are spiritually guided, one must advance healthcare for indigenous communities in a proactive manner. Access to health promotion and disease prevention programs can significantly decrease the high death rates that currently exist in West Africa and other global and local communities. Therefore, the World Wide Holistic Health Outreach Organization is destined to cause a positive change in the lives of thousands living in West Africa and local communities, deprived of health care services.

We need the support of all reading this page to give donations to this non-profit organization in order to expand the program and increase the numbers receiving health promotion and disease prevention services that can save lives. The use of teleheath practice through the creation of the Health Guardian for Longevity Program will afford the opportunity to continue to assist the community and individual clients at a distance with tailored intervention. In addition, the incorporation of technology aids in preparing our youth for the society of today while making a difference in the lives of others through volunteerism.  Our next journey to West Africa (Ghana, Togo and Benin) is scheduled for the summer of 2014 (July 22-August 7, 2014) with the potential for minor modification due to the flight schedule.

Please join us and share your gifts to improve the human condition.  All proceeds raised or donated are used to purchase medical supplies (i.e. wound dressing materials, antibacterial solutions, medical equipment for V//S assessment, pulmonary function test, diabetic screening, cholesterol screening, HIV screening, visual assessment, medications (cardio vascular, diabetes, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, antipyretics, and   health educational materials etc….).  Hopefully, you will recognize the importance of the mission and participate by making donations of supplies, equipment, medications and money. Thank you in advance for your support and donations. Most importantly, a special thank you is extended to those who have supported the program’s mission throughout the years. Our next journey to West Africa (Ghana, Togo and Benin) is scheduled for the summer of 2014 as previously mentioned.  As an expansion of the international component of the program, we plan incorporate Nigeria 2014 and to travel to Haiti 2015.  Nationally, we plan to provide a series of health promotion programs and participate in Walden University’s Day of Service annual program.  Please join us and share your gifts to improve the human condition.


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